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Ball cleaning system for condenser tubes Coke and Chemical Plant

Purpose and Scope

Ball cleaning system (BCS) designed to prevent the deposition of organic and mineral substances and scale formation on the internal surfaces of the cooling tubes of condensers (heat exchangers) by passing through them during operation of condenser of sponge rubber balls.

Constituent elements of BCS

Depending on the number of blocks in the heat exchanger BCS consists of one or two or more complexes of the same equipment. Each set usually includes a pre-filter, installed in the penstock, and a circuit of balls, comprising: a pump pumping balls, loading device of balls, balls in the input device penstock and device collecting balls installed in the drainage water line.

However, BCS coke and chemical plant in technically justified cases, one pre-filter and one pump pumping balls can be applied to two or more complexes of the equipment included in BCS. In such cases, the system introduces additional elements - flow totalizer, couplers, allocators.

Description of the operation BCS

BCS principle is to provide circulation through condenser tubes of porous rubber ball having a diameter of 1-2 mm greater than the internal diameter of the tubes. When moving the tubes from their beads removed any internal surfaces in their initial deposition stage, preventing their further growth. Schematic diagram of the BCS and the general principle of operation is similar to BCS for thermal power plants.

BCS for refrigerator 1000 TNG-165 coke and chemical plant

Refrigerator 1000 TNG-165 consists of 4 pairs of refrigerators (X-1, X-2, X-3, X-4) connected in series between the pipeline.

Applied the one BCS on two pairs of refrigerators, refrigerator set at all complex, consisting of 2 BCS. In this diagram are included in the flow distributor balls (FDB) and the filters in the absence of water solids is not larger than 5 mm are used.

When working BCS first pair of refrigerators X-1 and X-2 in loading device of balls (LDB) are loaded balls, FDB-1 and FDB-2 installed in the position for the ball circulation in the first couple of refrigerators, the pump pumping balls (PPB-1) are stated. Balls for a set time circulate along the contour: LDB-1, FDB-1, X-1, FDB-2, LDB-1, etc.

Next FDB-1 and FDB-2 switched to the ball circulation in a couple of refrigerators X-2. Turns PPB-1. Balls circulate circuit: LDB-1, FDB-1, X-2, FDB-2, LDB-1, etc. Balls trapped in the ultrasonic-1 and held there until the next start.

BCS refrigerator for two pairs of X-3 and X-4 operate similarly irrespective of BCS couples refrigerators X-1 and X-2.

BCS work in semi-automatic mode, controls, automation and control unit 10. For BCS can be used balls, manufacturers of Ukraine, Germany or Russia. Approximate resistance balls - about 300 hours (depending on the condition of the tubes). With no further purification BCS tubes is not needed.

Photo of elements BCS

Equipment set experimental industrial sample SSHO to end cooler VOT-380 turbocharger TK-1500 (1700)

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